Individual livelihood, business vitality must be protected: HCMC Party Chief


All citizens in Ho Chi Minh City will have to follow stricter rules from July 26, including a curfew after 6pm unless in emergency, in an effort to stop further spreading of Covid-19 in the city. Meanwhile, functional agencies must tighten law enforcement in each district while taking care of residents’ life. This is the main content at the 7th session of the Executive Committee of HCMC Party Committee yesterday.

Individual livelihood, business vitality must be protected: HCMC Party Chief ảnh 1 Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen is delivering his speech in the conference. (Photo: SGGP)

In his opening speech, Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen stressed that after 15 days applying the Prime Minister’s Directive 16/CT-TTg, HCMC reached certain goals, yet there are more to be done in order to put the latest Covid-19 wave under control, leading to an extension of social distance period.

“The ultimiate aim of this meeting is to devise more feasible solutions to control the outbreak in HCMC immediately via stopping the spread of Covid-19 in the community and implementing prevention methods correctly, otherwise all are too late”, said the Party Chief.

He then mentioned the content of Directive 12, issued on July 22 by the Standing Committee of HCMC Party Committee and Official Dispatch No.2468 released on July 23 by HCMC People’s Committee, saying that there must be synchronous actions citywide, focusing on:

_Raising the public awareness about Covid-19 prevention methods and the necessity to strictly observe social distance rules in Directive 16.


_Taking measures to obey social distance rules in the community and businesses, which is decisive for the successful fight against this complicated Covid-19 outbreak.


_Organizing routine patrols to punish violators citywide so that social distance rules are tightly observed. This will be carried out by the police, the military force, and the localities.


_Ensuring the supply of essential commodities, especially foodstuffs, to residents and taking care of the vulnerable, the poor.


_Making sure the healthcare system is run smoothly so that the medical staff is able to accept and treat patients, particularly Covid-19 ones.

Simultaneously, vaccination tasks must be carried out safely as planned. A long-term strategy should be devise to protect the livelihood of all residents and the vitality of businesses sited in HCMC so that socio-economic recovery can be done right after the outbreak is controlled.

Standing Deputy Secretary of HCMC Party Committee Phan Van Mai required that leaders of the Party Committees in all districts and Thu Duc City as well as the localities monitor the status in their areas more closely in order to timely handle any potential problems and to ensure each point mentioned above is done thoroughly.

Individual livelihood, business vitality must be protected: HCMC Party Chief ảnh 2 Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong is giving his presentation in the conference. (Photo: SGGP)

Chairman of HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong reported that since April 27, the city recorded over 55,500 Covid-19 cases, nearly 47,000 of which were during the 15 days applying Directive 16. Most new cases are in the centralized quarantine areas.

He reasoned that such a complication at present reults from the loose observance of social distance rules of the community as well as weak control of the functional agencies, leading to many residents traveling in the city for unnecessary purposes.

Chairman Phong stressed that a week after implementing Directive 16, three scenarios were devised, the third being the most serious. Unfortunately, all goals in the first scenario to decrease the number of newly Covid-19 infected people were failed, and thus the second one (tightening the rules in Directive 16) is on the run now. If things are not looking up, the third will have to be used, which will no doubt severely affect the life of the whole community.

To avoid that situation, the Chairman called upon the close cooperation between the localities and the public. Each citizen now must strictly observe the social distance rules. More importantly, from July 26, noone is allowed to go out and all activities must cease after 6pm until 6am of the next day unless in emergency.

The police, military force, and the localities must increase their routine patrols and strictly punish any violators. Administrative detention is allowed, and law breakers that cause the spread of Covid-19 may be prosecuted if there are sufficient proofs to constitute a crime.

Regarding shipper activities, Chairman Phong asked that shipping companies must reduce the quantity of their employees by at least 10 percent compared to July 22. These shippers must tightly follow social distance rules while working and can only travel within one district, or within Thu Duc City.

In addition, shippers on duty must wear their ID cards, with clear personal information, company name, and working coverage, which is registered to the HCMC Department of Industry and Trade, the HCMC Department of Transport by their company. This will become their pass to display to the functional agencies.

Any shipping companies that do not use applications to manage their employees must also register for their staff at the localities in the corresponding wards to earn ID cards to work within those districts.

As to medical treatment for Covid-19 cases, the Chairman informed that HCMC is going to integrate both normal medication and alternative medicines, to mobilize the healthcare staff in private hospitals (firstly Trieu An Hospital, Xuyen A Hospital, and Hoan My Hospital – Thu Duc Branch), and to ask for the aid from retired doctors, oriental medicine doctors, religious forces, the Red Cross.

In order to minimize F0 cases turning worse and deathcases, Chairman Phong requested that all grassroots hospitals accepting F0 people be well prepared with sufficient oxygen ventilators to timely perform first aid before transfering them to higher-leveled hospitals.

He then stressed that the municipal authorities will severely punish any leaders of functional agencies and localities who have indifirent attitude or loose management, and are tardy in responding to feedbacks of residents in their area of duty.

The localities must vigorously enforce social distance rules, especially in medical lockdown areas, while delivering essential commodities to each household and help them do grocery shopping. Charity groups that wish to offer foodstuffs to people in these areas must contact the corresponding management team to find the best way to distribute goods to each family.

Every medical lockdown area must have one management team, consisting of the police, military force, youth volunteers, members of public organizations, and a community Covid-19 team. This management team will be in charge of monitoring regulation observation of all households in the area.

People under quarantine cannot go out of the room and have direct contact with others unless in emergency. The local authorities will take care of their essential commodities. Any violators will be prosecuted as stated in the law.

Finally, Chairman Phong asked that the life of city dwellers, especially the vulnerable and the poor, must be taken care of. When in need, citizens can call the hotline 1022 (extension number 2) for proper support.

Concluding the meeting, Secretary Nen shared that the previous 15 days applying Directive 16 were truly a challenge to HCMC. The functional agencies have done more than ever to pinpoint F0 cases and treat Covid-19 patients. Over 12,000 people recovered from the disease, many severe cases have turned better.

The Party Chief admitted that at present, HCMC seriously lack medical equipment and staff to cope with an overloading patient flow. Therefore, the most important goal in the upcoming 15 days is to minimize deathcases and control the spread through successfully applying Directive 12 by the HCMC Party Committee and Official Dispatch No.2468 by HCMC People’s Committee.

To achieve that goal, each citizen is asked to become an active soldier in the combat against Covid-19, simply by limiting their traveling unless truly necessary and vigorously observing 5K rules and social distance rules as laid down in Directive 16.

By Manh Hoa, Kieu Phong – Translated by Huong Vuong

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