HCMC to make utmost efforts to curb community transmission of Covid-19

Ho Chi Minh City Party Chief Nguyen Thien Nhan requested all sectors and forces to make utmost efforts to curb community transmission of Covid-19.

Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan speaks at the meeting (Photo: SGGP)

Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan speaks at the meeting (Photo: SGGP)

He made the request at an online conference on the Covid-19 prevention task yesterday with leaders of 24 districts and state competent agencies.
He noted that the period from now to the next two weeks would be the golden time for tackling the community transmission of Covid-19. The city has stopped travelling by public means of transport such as bus as well as encouraged city dwellers not to shop outside. Commercial centers must not turn on air-conditioners to curb the spread. The city has been determined to battle the disease transmission of Covid-19.
He assigned the city steering board for Covid-19 prevention and control to implement steps for the task.
Speaking at the meeting, Party Chief Nhan noticed three phases of Covid-19 reality in nations in the world with one infection case, 100 cases and 1,000 cases. These phases are significant to remember because if the number of infection cases is not curbed under 1,000, the risk of large outbreak would be high. He cited the infection number in the world which has topped 382,000 people while in early March it was only 87,000.
It is forecast that in the end of March, the number of infected people will rise to 500,000 showing that infection is very fast.
Mr. Nhan warned that Vietnam has had 134 Covid-19 infected patients with 17 recovered people. This means the Southeast Asian country is entering the second phase with 100 cases.
In other countries, from the second phase, the number of infection cases will increase from 100 to 1,000 within 10 days and from 1,000 to 2,000 within three days. Therefore, in the ten next days, the country must control infection cases under 1,000; it would be safer with under 500 cases.
Party Chief Nhan shared that 2,000 infection cases normally lead to 4,000 in three days later and 8,000 after five days. When the cases go to 1,000, HCMC will not have enough places in hospitals for all despite its utmost efforts to build more makeshift infirmaries.
He said to keep infection cases below 1,000 in the country, HCMC must contain the number under 300. With its present human resources, the city can definitely treat 300 cases because around 1,200 hospital beds have been available to admit patients.
However, with every infection cases, 280 others must be placed under quarantine and with 300 infection cases, around 84,000 people must be under quarantine. With a large number of people in quarantine wards, the city will face difficulties.
When it came to measures against the rise of infection cases, Mr. Nhan took Japan and South Korea as examples. Specifically, the two countries have been determined to stop transmission from overseas sources and ramped up testing to early detect people infected with COvid-19 to isolate. Additionally, Japanese and Korean citizens have been forced to wear face masks and slapped harsh penalties on those who sold used face masks. Schools and public activities have been closed.
Mr. Nhan proposed to disseminate information of the disease to every city dweller to make people understand clearly about the disease and strict isolation of those suspected of having the deadly virus. He also suggested imposing severe penalties on those refusing to go to isolation wards.
He hailed enterprises which have supplied face masks in the market. Noticeably, he asked state competent agencies to have solutions to help unemployed laborers and companies in difficulties due to the Covid-19 outbreaks.

By staff writers - Translated by Anh Quan

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