HCMC strives to raise residents’ satisfaction to administrative procedures

HCMC has been striving to increase residents and businesses’ satisfaction level to administrative procedures to over 80 percent and individuals’ satisfaction in education and health fields to over 80 percent by 2020.

Residents mark their satisfaction to cadres at District 1 People’s Committee, HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

Residents mark their satisfaction to cadres at District 1 People’s Committee, HCMC (Photo: SGGP)

Currently, it is implementing solutions to efficiently materialize Politburo Conclusion 21 and National Assembly Resolution 54 on piloting specific mechanisms for HCMC development.
Specifically, the city focuses on building specific mechanisms according to the resolution to untie knots in finance, land, apparatus and human resource in public administrative field to develop fast and sustainably, according to the draft statement on administrative reform results in the phase of 2011-2017 and directions and missions in 2018-2020 which the city People's Committee has recently sent to the city People’s Council.
The People’s Committee said that administrative reform leadership and instruction has been conducted drastically, closely and thoroughly in a timely manner from city to ward levels.
Administrative reform has been sped up and procedures have been simplified and streamlined in construction and land field.
The city has set up a working group headed by the chairman of the People's Committee to solve investment procedures. One door mechanism and one stop shop mechanism have been carried out to gradually improve resident serving quality. Agencies have received and returned documents through post and telecom service.
The city has also paid attention to building and improving the staff of cadres and officials to contribute in bettering state management efficiency. However surveys show that residents and organizations’ satisfaction to public administrative service and public services has increased insignificantly.
Obtained results have failed to meet the target in the action program of the city Party Committee to implement the resolution on administrative reform program in the phase of 2016-2020.
Administrative procedures in some fields such as invesment, land and construction are still complicated. Annoucement and publicization of administrative formalities have been slow while the number of procedures conducted under one door and one stop shop mechanisms and electronic public services of level 3 and 4 has been few.
Public workforce cut has neither been stepped up nor paid attention to appropriately. Decentralization has not been implemented thoroughly and stably.
Therefore, the city People’s Committee has set out specific missions to continue taking the initiative in conducting and intensifying surveys of residents and businesses’ satisfaction to the service by government agencies to rectify limitations in a timely manner.
Besides increasing residents and businesses’ satisfaction to administrative procedures to over 80 percent, the city will study breakthrough innovations in institutions in combination with strong administrative reform, change from pre to post inspection in administrative procedure implementation, intensify application of information technology to contribute in developing e-government.
Especially the city would focus on carrying out the plan of the city People’s Committee to materialize NA Resolution 54 on schedule and ensure quality.
The committee has suggested promoting supervision and feedback role of the city People’s Council and Vietnam Fatherland Front committee in administrative reform.

By KIEU PHONG – Translated by Hai Mien

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