HCMC praises outstanding blood donors

On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day (June 14), the Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross Society yesterday held a program to honor outstanding blood donors who had donated blood more than 50 times a year to save patient lives.

Outstanding blood donors are praised for their contributions in voluntary blood donation(photo: Thanhuytphcm.vn)

Outstanding blood donors are praised for their contributions in voluntary blood donation(photo: Thanhuytphcm.vn)

This year, 15 outstanding individuals received certificates of merit from the Municipal People’s Committee for their great contributions in voluntary blood donation. 

Notably, Do Thanh Phuong, a 49 years old member of District 3 Red Cross Society donated blood 71 times as well as mobilized 30 individuals to participate in blood donation campaigns annually; Luu Ngoc Dung, 54 years old, a member of the Rare Blood Club in Hoc Mon District participated in voluntary blood nearly 50 times.

At the ceremony, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross Society Tran Truong Son said that the purpose of World Blood Donor Day is to call for the community to recognize and honor meaningful actions of those who have contributed to saving patient lives.

In the past years, the voluntary blood donation movements in Ho Chi Minh City have continuously developed. Statistics showed that from 1994 up to now, Blood Donation Center of Ho Chi Minh City received more than 3 million blood units. 

From January 2020 to now, citizens actively participated in voluntary blood donation to ensure a sufficient blood supply and reserve for patients despite of the great impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Ho Chi Minh City currently has more than 30 medical facilities receiving a huge number of patients from many provinces and cities nationwide for medical examination, emergency aid and treatment; therefore, the demand for blood supply for emergency aid is increasing.

On the occasion, the HCMC Red Cross Society continued calling for voluntary blood donors.

On the same day, nearly 1,500 people registered to participate in a voluntary blood donation program in the Northern mountainous province of Cao Bang. 

The program is part of the Red Journey Campaign 2020 which has the largest scale so far travelling through 42 provinces and cities, lasting from June 6 to August 8. 

The Red Journey Campaign was launched in 2013. Over the past 7 years, 50 provinces and cities nationwide involved in the voluntary campaign and more than 250,000 blood units were collected through the campaign.

By Minh Tam, Minh Khang-Translated by Huyen Huong

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