HCMC mobilizes residents’ contribution to develop green space

To welcome the Ho Chi Minh City approaching Party Congress, local administrations have called for residents’ contribution to carry out meaningful activities. Amongst activities is the campaign to encourage people not to throw away litter in streets and into canals for a clean city according to the city Party Committee’s direction No.19.

An elderly man is watering  trees and flowers in T-shaped intersection Nguyen Dinh Chieu – Ly Thai To in District 3 (Photo: SGGP)

An elderly man is watering trees and flowers in T-shaped intersection Nguyen Dinh Chieu – Ly Thai To in District 3 (Photo: SGGP)

When the sun was disappearing at the end of the day, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hang walked with her grandchild in alley 148 Le Duc Tho Street in ward 6 in District Go Vap to take the air.
She sometimes picked up several plastic bags in bushes while her grandchild was cheerfully playing swing or slide with her friends in small park.
A short time ago, residents in the alley had to walk as quickly as possible when passing the present park because of the stench of bags of waste thrown here by low-aware residents despite police officers and local administration’s concerted efforts to prevent them from putting waste here.
To create 200-square meter green space where children can play with slide and swing, local administration was determined to eradicate the reek so that residents in the alley can enjoy the benefit of green space because urban green and open spaces contribute to public health and wellbeing, particularly mental health and wellbeing.
Elsewhere in the city in Tan Quy Ward in District Tan Binh, elderly man Bui Gia Hien took the broom to sweep the dead leaves up and watered tree in the small park opposite his house. Old man Hien said the park used to be a 100-square meter piece of waste ground; therefore, people threw away waste in the empty land creating reek.
Two months ago, members of the Communist Youth Union in District Tan Phu cleaned the waste and converted it into a little park with green space.
They painted the walls with posters calling for people not to throw water. In the ground, young people painted traditional games for children to play. Residents in the area made fence to protect trees.
Everyone have been happy with the changes, old man Hien said, because they can benefit from green space in the park and children have place to play.
T-shaped intersection Nguyen Dinh Chieu – Ly Thai To in District 3, two old men were watering trees grown in the space in front of their house where low-aware people used to leave rubbish leading to bad odor.
One of the two men, Ho Duy Hai said they feel satisfied with their deed when looking at trees and flowers grow.
Developing urban green spaces is also creating a high-quality living and entertainment environment for the city’s residents.
People’s Committee in ward 2 in District 3 encouraged residents in big streets to plant trees to create more green space. As a result, resident quarters in gained tittle “ Environmentally-friendly and clean residential quarter”
Talking about campaign to turn vacant and dirty empty land into green space or park, Deputy Chairman of Go Vap District People’s Committee Do Anh Khang said 1,658 people have taken part in growing 880 trees along roads and canal in the District.

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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