HCMC: Dissatisfaction at resettlement housing project

Ten years after moving into their resettlement houses, residents at Tin Phong apartment complex, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, HCMC still have not received their certificates of land use rights, while the land they moved away from lays abandoned for 20 years.

The residents are theoretically just temporary tenants without a land use rights certificate (Photo: SGGP)

The residents are theoretically just temporary tenants without a land use rights certificate (Photo: SGGP)

Responsibilities unclaimed
Tin Phong apartment complex was a project put together by Tin Phong Manufacturing - Trading - Construction Company Ltd., and later purchased by District 12 People’s Committee to house residents who had to move to make room for resettlement projects.
After moving in in 2007, many apartment occupants have requested their rightful certificates of land use rights to facilitate household registration and children’s schooling, but only got empty promises. People’s petition keeps bouncing between local district to upper department agencies with no one claiming authority for it, said an unnamed occupant.
As a matter of fact, Nguyen Van Duc, Vice Chairman of District 12 People’s Committee has sent Document 6672 to HCMC’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment requesting their cooperation with Tin Phong Company to issue land use right certificates, as the authority belongs to the Department as stated by Decree 43/2014.
A responding Document 5387 by Nguyen Toan Thang, Director of HCMC’s Department of Natural Resources and Environment soon followed, stating that they allow the District to issue the certificates.
The situation does not solve itself, however, as District 12’s officials explained that certificates cannot be granted since Tin Phong Company has not completed necessary procedures.
Due to the lack of dependability from Tin Phong Company, whose unfinished businesses remain unknown to the disgruntled tenants, any issue with the apartment complex’s facility are left in the hand of said tenants, despite multiple requests from District 12’s officials themselves. The recent waterline malfunction here has been unresolved.
Land lots go to waste
In another development, people who were asked to move out to make way for Truong Chinh street expansion project found themselves without the resettlement land lots they were promised. According to the plan of HCMC’s People’s Committee, 761 lots and 2,944 apartments are to be established to accommodate the people who gave up their homes.
In reality, the majority of land areas are left to be invaded by wild bushes which also leads to littering. “The streets surrounding our house is deteriorating every day, and we have to take refugee elsewhere when it rains because of the flood. I just wish the government would give proper answers to all these abandoned constructions that keep the roads form being fixed”, said Mai Chi Dung, a resident at Tan Thoi Nhat Ward.
People who had their land contributed the project said that they accepted temporary residence with the promise to be relocated as soon as possible. But it turned out the wait they have to endure has lasted almost 15 years.

By Do Tra Giang – Translated by Tan Nghia

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