HCMC confused granting house numbers due to lacking of street names

Shortage of street names caused difficulties in granting of ho khau, a certificate of citizens’ residency and household registered numbers, Ho Chi Minh City districts complained.

District leaders express dissatisfaction to the Department of Construction (DOC)at a meeting on September 19 about lack of street names. For instance, district 2 said it has applied for 10 street names for years but the department did not reply. District government had to name streets by numbers because residents’ demands of having street names for their shelters have increased.

While District 3 complained some streets in the district have strange names such as Cong hop Rach Bung Binh (Drain system in Bung Binh canal) or one street has two names cach Mang Thang 8 and Tran Van Dang, district 7 fretted because Phu My Hung new urban area have many foreign names.

DOC said granting street names would just facilitate control and residents’ contact with other people, not including the legalization of the house. However, the Ministry of Construction’s decision stipulated some cases are not allowed to be granted names and numbers.

DOC said it is waiting for instruction from the city’s People’s Committee because DOC had sent these special cases but the committee has still not given feedback.

By H. Nhung - Translated by Bao Uyen

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