HCMC agency requires examination of all green trees


HCMC Department of Construction has just required district people’s committees and Green Trees and Parks Company to urgently inspect all green trees across the city and report inspection results to the department before June 15.


Urban trees on Mai Chi Tho Street, HCMC

Urban trees on Mai Chi Tho Street, HCMC

The requirement was made aiming to prevent fallen tree accidents in the rainy season after an uprooted flamboyant tree killed one and severely injured four students in Bach Dang Middle School, District 3, HCMC on May 26.

According to experts, urban trees are at risk of being uprooted due to impacts from construction, urban development, or reparation of infrastructures. There have been cases of tree roots, barks and branches being damaged by motor vehicles fixing the pavement in District 1 and 3. Another case was reported in early May 2016 of a power company lopping branches without permission to install their cables.

As explained by green industry experts, uneven canopies have very negative effects on tree growth and root stability. Most worryingly, authorities suspect that many trees were deliberately damaged by residents nearby who think the trees are blocking their street.

There are currently 130,000 big trees planted in HCMC being managed by the HCMC Department of Transport.

According to urban tree planning company HGPA Co., Ltd., who is assigned 98,000 trees throughout the city, there should be unanimous decisions in installing infrastructures and repairing pavements, suggesting that contractors should work closely with tree planting companies.

At that time, the story of trees with rooted, deflected, or branched out improperly will certainly not happen, which means the growth, durability and longevity of street greenery. would be more secure.

Additionally, forestry engineers said the authorities must focus on quickly detecting pests and corroded trees. The long-term solution is to raise people’s awareness and consult field experts in the conservation and development of urban tree systems.

They stressed that lopping and cutting trees should not be necessary for urban development, and must be done at a reasonable rate while having new trees planted.

By staff writers - Translated by Tan Nghia

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