HCDC Director warns F2 turns into F0, Covid-19 cases continue rising


Director of the Center for Disease Control in Ho Chi Minh City Nguyen Tri Dung said that Covid-19 cases linking to the religious mission will continue rising because some people have not declared their travel history while some contacts F2 turned into F0 (infected people).

He added that from May 27, the city has witnessed 147 cases of Covid-19 relating to the religious mission.
Yesterday evening, the Center for Disease Control confirmed a person in District 3 tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 who is a contact F2 relating to the religious mission. The F2 contact is working at a building at 65 Nguyen Du Street in District 1.
She is living with her parents in an alley in Dien Bien Phu Street. Functional forces immediately arrived at her house and began investigating her travel history; however, they bumped into difficulties because the woman has not provided detailed information.
The contact was later brought to the makeshift hospital in Cu Chi for further treatment. Thirty people who had contacted her were tested. Additionally, functional forces extended tracing by collecting samples of her neighbors in the alley as well as disinfected and sealed off the area temporarily.
Prior, the Center for Disease Control had recorded four Covid-19 suspected cases in Go Vap District’s wards 5 who are contact F2 of a person in the religious mission; therefore, Go Vap District continued collecting samples of residents in wards 3, 5, 9, and 15 to curb the spread of the disease.
The health sector called for those relating to the religious mission to voluntarily declare their health status because the risk of Covid-19 transmission relating to the mission is quite high.

By Thanh An - Translated by Dan Thuy

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