Forum debates post-crisis HR strategy in HCMC

The most valuable asset of businesses nowadays is human resources (HR) not production materials as it used to be in the 20th century.

Gian Tu Trung, founder and chairman of the PACE Institute of Directors said at a forum hosted by the institute with the attendance of senior leaders and HR managers from companies in Ho Chi Minh City Sunday to discuss a new perspective on Vietnam’s human resources in post-crisis recovery.

Human with skills and creativeness is the soul of a knowledge-based economy, he said.

Stating at the forum, lectures said effective-operation companies have paid more attention on HR risks, an internal part of any business. Simply, HR risks are challenges and opportunities inherent in managing staff, programs and processes of an organization.

If the business leaders actively recognize and effectively manage HR risks to turn them from the danger zone to the value zone, they could archive glorious business results.

HR risks can serve as key enablers in moving businesses from risk management to performance improvement, they said.

Good HR managers are those know how to motivate their staff so that they could try their best to devote, to make their staff themselves feel valuable, able to win and closed to their companies.

Normally, people just work at over 50 percent of their capacity, managers should trigger the 50 percent of their potential capacity.

Finally, lectures agreed that companies should now begin drafting plans for the post-crisis recovery to develop faster and stronger.

By Hai Mien

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