Enterprises ask for travel permits for employees

When Ho Chi Minh City authorities decided to tighten social distancing, many businesses especially enterprises in the logistics industry and food production have not been able to adapt to the situation. They are waiting for travel permits for employees.
Enterprises ask for travel permits for employees ảnh 1 Enterprises ask for travel permits for employees
Many representatives of businesses in the food processing, food, and logistics industries were yesterday queuing at the headquarters of the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City to apply for travel permits for employees.
Truong Tien Dung, General Director of Saigon Seafood Trading Company, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Food and Food Association, said that from August 22, the Department of Industry and Trade has issued travel permits for enterprises’ workers, but due to the change in the form of the certificate, many enterprises could not respond in time. Therefore, until the morning of August 23, enterprises were re-issued with a new and valid paper form.
According to a representative of Saigon Seafood Trading Joint Stock Company, in addition to workers working and staying in the company, the company has 30 employees who are responsible for distributing goods directly to supermarkets and supermarkets and 30 couriers.
However, the company was given five travel permits for five couriers; as a result, the distribution of commodities to the supermarket is frozen. The company's fresh products must be delivered daily.
Similarly, B.O.O Water Plant in Thu Duc City faced difficulties when several officers and workers were not given travel permits.
Le Phuc Hien, General Director of B.O.O Thu Duc Water Plant, shared that just five travel permits were issued to employees in the company. In the immediate future, the factory must give priority to employees who maintain water supply pipes and operate and treat water pumping stations.
General Director Hien shared the supply of domestic water for people is the most significant task. Because of the current limited rate of issuance of travel permits, workers have to work overtime days by days to deal with lack of manpower when Ho Chi Minh City strictly implements social distancing.
However, social distancing has not affected supporting industries. Do Phuoc Tong, Chairman of the Members' Council of Duy Khanh Mechanical Company, shared that many enterprises in the Ho Chi Minh City Mechanical and Electrical Association had imported more production materials before August 23 as well as increased delivery on August 21 and 22.
Many businesses delivered the last shipment on August 22. Therefore, employees of these enterprises stayed in factories to focus on production when the southern metropolis tightened social distancing to prevent epidemics.
Enterprise representatives said that businesses that produce non-essential goods and only deliver goods according to closed orders can deliver before or after. However, businesses must deliver fresh food to supermarkets every day must have more travel permits for their employees. Therefore, many businesses recommend that, after the next two or three days, authorities should give more travel permits to meet companies’ demands.
General Director of Saigon Seafood Trading Company Dung added that, currently, the design of compact and general delivery combos in localities when administrators in districts partly reduced the delivery pressure for distribution systems. However, the purchasing power of people in the coming time should be updated to inform businesses that will adjust their production capacity.

By Ai Van - Translated by Anh Quan

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