Each city resident must prevent Covid-19 for sake of themselves and community

At an online conference yesterday organized by the Ho Chi Minh City steering board of Covid-19 prevention and control, Party Chief Nguyen Thien Nhan stated that each city dwellers must prevent Covid-19 for the sake of themselves, organization and the community.

Party Chief Nguyen Thien Nhan at the online conference (Photo: SGGP)

Party Chief Nguyen Thien Nhan at the online conference (Photo: SGGP)

The city has been monitoring the situation and implementing safety measures to prevent residents from exposure to the pandemic disease as well as early discover and isolate infected people return from abroad.
Speaking at the conference, Party Chief Nhan highly valued the city’s fruitful result in the prevention of Covid-19. He shared that the city has been success in the battle against the deadly virus as it has good response including school closures and compulsory face mask. Good medical workers were mobilized to make strength in treating severe cases.
The secret of success in the battle is how to curb transmission between people; therefore, HCMC authorities ordered all residents to wear face masks and wash hand regularly with hand sanitizer.
What’s more? HCMC placed at-risk people and those contacting closely with ill people under quarantine and forbade gatherings of 20 people. Additionally, residents were asked to keep proper distance from others.
In the next phase, the city will disseminate information of Covid-19 prevention including codes of conduct and regulations for businesses, agencies, and institutions to reduce the risk of an outbreak to each household and firms so that none is not aware of the danger of the pandemic.
Though the city has relaxed social distancing, people must not ignore codes of conducts and regulations.
Mr. Nhan also pointed out three threats which the city may face in the coming time. Recovered people re-test positive again; the city must arrange isolation place for approximately 2,300 Vietnamese people and students abroad who return to Vietnam. Businesspersons, investors and travelers will flock into the country after the Southeast Asian lifts restriction on foreigners; therefore, the city must have long-term plan for this.
Party Chief Nhan hailed the municipal People’s Committee to early implement codes of conduct and regulations for businesses, schools, medical facilities, and institutions. The city will continue specifying codes of conducts and regulation for all sectors and agencies and issue it before April 30 so that residents and enterprises can grasp it.
In its plan, the city will continue monitoring workers in industrial parks and traffic violations when more foreigners travel in roads.
Chairman of the HCMC People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong said the steering board will study all codes of conducts and regulations and the city will execute these codes.
He noted that the city should not have subjective attitude because present triumph over the pandemic is just a short one in a specific time; Vietnam must learn lesson from Singapore.
He said that Vietnam records no new Covid-19 case in 24 consecutive days which paves the way for Vietnam to declare an ends to Covid-19 pandemic. The city will mobilize all sources focusing on socioeconomic growth besides restrict negative impact of Covid-19.
Mr. Phong announced that the city decided to give financial aid to enterprises in 2020. The Ho Chi Minh City Institute for Development Studies was assigned to work out development scenario for the city. Regarding aids for enterprises, People’s Committee has approved plan to help enterprises maintain their operation and restore production as well as aid residents affected by the pandemic.

By staff writers - Translated by Anh Quan

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