City Social Insurance to Sue Debtors of Social Security Debts

Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Office said yesterday that it plans to take legal action against eight companies that owe social security debts. 

Workers produce children shoes at a leather shoes company in the city.

The eight companies in debt are Dae Yun Vietnam, owing over VND1.97 billion (US$124,211), Anjin Joint Venture Shoes Co., Ltd., over VND5.4 billion (US$340,479), Lucky Vietnam Co., Ltd. VND813 million (US$51,261), Kent Wient Towels over VND699 million (US$44,073) , AMW Vietnam over VND2.55 billion (US$160,781), H. World Vina Shoes VND824 million (US$51,954), Tran The Trading Co., Ltd. over 468 million (US$30,643) and Phuc Yen Co., Ltd. VND1.14 billion (US$71,878).

According to Mr. Bui Duc Trang, deputy director of Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Office, after inspections, the office had issued decisions to fine the companies mentioned above, the bad debtors however still ignore them.

Trang stressed that by March 31, if the bad debtors still do not fulfill their debt obligations, the Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Office will officially take legal action against them.

Previously, Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Office has sued the Korean-owned Kwang Nam Shoes Company, which owed a security debt up to VND6.5 billion (US$409,836).

By Ngoc Lu – Translated by Phuong Lan

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