City canals and rivers seriously polluted with litters

Around 2,000 kilometers of waterway in Ho Chi Minh City are polluted with litters, said the Department of Natural Resources and Environment yesterday.

City canals and rivers are seriously polluted with litters (Photo: SGGP)

City canals and rivers are seriously polluted with litters (Photo: SGGP)

Canals and rivers are the city’s drainage systems, yet garbage builds up on the street, it blocks the storm drains and sewers and the streets begin to flood, which can cause major damage to homes.
A representative from the Urban Sanitation Company said that averagely, more than 10 tons of litter have lately ended up in Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe canal daily because city dwellers are used to throwing litter in rivers and sewers plus heavy rain brought waste from canal branches into the canal.
Before, the HCMC People’s Committee had directed a harsh penalty on those who throw away litter in public places and sewers, rivers. As per the direction, a violator will pay VND3,000,000 to VND5,000,000 for littering in public places or commercial centers, apartment blocks. Those who throw litters into sewers or rivers must pay a higher fine of VND5,000,000 to VND7,000,000.
However, local administrations have not implemented the regulations strictly. Worse, the city has not spent on clearing garbage in rivers and canals; as a result, the city waterway system is blocked more.

By Minh Xuan - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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