12 tons of tainted bamboo shoots detected in HCMC

Ho Chi Minh City's environment police (PC49) yesterday said that they have sealed 12 tons of tainted bamboo shoots in two households in Hoc Mon District.

The police has conducted a search in the two households in Dong Thanh Commune owned by brothers Le The Huan and Le The Luyen. At the time, Luyen was instructing workers to soak tons of bam shoot into a container of chemical which is used in textile dying industry. There were hundreds of containers of bamboo shoot soaked with the chemicals.

At the same time, police also discovered 5 tons of bamboo shoots soaked with same chemical in Huan’s house.

As per Huan and Luyen’s statement, bamboo shoots are soaked with the chemical to have good color  to meet customers’ demand.

The two households have made the tainted bamboo shoots for two years.

Currently, police sent samples for testing to have proper penalties for the producers as per the regulation.

By MINH TAM – translated by Anh Quan

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