May 13

In Paris, Nguyen Ai Quoc, an early alias of Ho Chi Minh,
gave Marcel Cachin, who later become leader of the French Communist Party, a manuscript of his book “Les Opprimés” (The Oppressed) to write a preface for.
Uncle Ho informed that L’ Humanité (Humanity), a newspaper run by the Socialist Party, would help publish the work.

President Ho Chi Minh receives Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai when he visited Vietnam in May 1960

Le Paria (The Miserable) published an article titled “Class Solidarity” by Nguyen Ai Quoc.
He narrated Brazilian workers’ successful struggle against a court controlled by capitalist owners to praise their determination.

He said: “As a result, despite different skin colors, there are only two kinds of people in life: exploiters and the exploited. And there is only one real fraternity, the proletarian fraternity.”
At this time, Rabotnitsa (Female Workers), a Russian magazine, published his article titled “Oriental Women.”
He said; “There has been a great turning point in Eastern countries since the red flag with the hammer and sickle began to flow above the Russia of the Czars.”
President Ho Chi Minh attended a Government Council meeting to hear reports on French forces’ terrorist acts in the south central part of Vietnam, and finalize policies for some enterprises.
He also ordered the Ministry of Agriculture to mobilize manpower in the countryside to harvest rice.
Later that evening, he received the Government delegation returning from negotiations with the French in Da Lat.
He said: “Though the results are not good enough, the mission has made France and other countries understand that our country knows how to fight, work, and show solidarity.  [We] have to continue the struggle at the Paris Conference.”

He visited Tien Bo Printing Press in Hanoi. After visiting its production site, he went to the kindergarten run for the children of its officials and workers.
He said: “It is essential to look after of the kindergarten and give thoughtful care to them [children] because if they are obedient and healthy, their parents will keep their mind on work.”
President Ho Chi Minh joined a meeting of Hanoians to welcome Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai.
He told them: “Prime Minister Zhou Enlai is my old friend. We have known each other for over 40 years.”
He was referring to the time when they were both revolutionaries in France.
He reviewed and mended his will every year before his birthday since 1965.
This year he added a part about taking care of people’s lives.
He wrote: “In many years of fighting the French colonialists and then the American imperialists, our people, especially farmers, have been always loyal to the Party and the Government, made every effort to contribute materially and physically, and been willing to suffer hardships.”
“Now that we have completed [our duties] victoriously, I suggest exemption from agricultural tax so that [they] can be happy, satisfied, encouraged and increase production.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Hoang Yen

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