July 9


French secret agents reported that Nguyen Ai Quoc, an early alias of Ho Chi Minh, took part in a meeting held by the colonial study Board of the French Communist Party.


In Guangzhou, China, the Union of Repressed Nations was established by Nguyen Ai Quoc and Chinese communists.

The union gathered international members aiming to contact repressed nations for the overthrow of imperialism. It announced its declaration: “The unique way to escape repression is the unity of oppressed countries and proletariat in the world, applications of revolutionary measures to basically oust capitalism.”

Nguyen Ai Quoc, under the alias Ly Thuy, at the time was elected as secretary in charge of the union’s Vietnamese cell.


The 80- year old carambola tree planted by Nguyen Ai Quoc during his revolutionary activities in Thai Lan. (Photo: SGGP)

Nguyen Ai Quoc used a false passport, with the name of Nguyen Lai, to enter a port in Bangkok, aiming to start his revolutionary activities in Thailand, involving overseas Vietnamese in the country in supporting the Vietnamese revolution.

During this time Nguyen Ai Quoc had looked for ways to return to the country but failed to.


After contacting the US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Kunming, China, Ho Chi Minh urged preparations to welcome OSS units in the Viet Bac revolutionary base.

He controlled the building of a military airport in Thanh La, and wrote a letter to Major A. Thomas leading the unit “Deer,” which directly cooperated with Viet Minh forces.

In the letter Ho Chi Minh wrote: “Your plan for Japan’s surrender (including ultimatum and attacks) is great. I believe that it will be successful.”


During his visit to France, President Ho Chi Minh received directors of energy plans in Indochina and discussed investment projects in the independent Vietnam. 

President Ho Chi Minh visited Khuyen Luong dyke in suburban Hanoi and controlled works to cope with floods, and encouraged people in the fight against natural disasters.


Diplomat Mai Van Bo, representative for Vietnam in France, returned to the country and reported back to the President.

During the visit, an air-raid sounded and everybody ran to the shelters, the President pushed the diplomat into a shelter and said: “enemy’s bombs cannot kill me.”


Following closely the diplomatic fight at the Paris Conference, President Ho Chi Minh reminded the Politburo to “carefully study what rivals achieve and lose, and what Vietnam achieves and loses in the conference.”

Translated by Quynh Nhu

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