July 15


The French cruiser Amiral Latouche Tréville moored in Le Havre, northern France, on which Nguyen Tat Thanh (Ho Chi Minh), ended his first voyage. He started sailing from Vietnam June 6.

Uncle Ho (R) with kindergarten pupils (filed photo)

Since France was viewed as a symbol of freedom and democracy, Thanh went there to seek such ideals for his own country.


Uncle Ho sent a letter to the second National Cultural Conference organized at Phu Tho, a province located in the Red River Delta, linking Hanoi with northern mountainous provinces.

In the letter he said, “Culture plays a very important role to the great cause of the people’s resistance war and building of the country.”

He added, “The tasks of culture are not only to encourage the fighting sprit of the people and the armed troops, but also popularize significant achievements gained by them to the world.

“Artists should create works that not only sing the praises of the great cause of the resistance war, but also preserve the people and army’s great achievements in the glorious pages of our history for posterity,” said he.


The Truth newspaper published an article, “Eliminating the poor mindsets of officials and public servants who go for promotion but do not devote themselves to firm achievements,” written by Uncle Ho, under the pseudonym XYZ.

To specify the causes, he wrote, “It is because officials and public servants have not yet washed away their bureaucratic working style and because they do not understand that all tasks are equally important in the revolutionary cause.”

He added, “The effective cure for the problem is to use the criticism and self-criticism method. This will help wash away the bureaucrats’ patterns of thought about hierarchy, positions and individualistic ideology. Common interests and duties must come first.”


Uncle Ho attended the first session of the 2nd National Assembly and was elected by all members of the NA as president once again.

Addressing the closing meeting, President Ho Chi Minh recommended, “To be worthy for the honor of being a loyal servant to the people, delegates of the NA and public servants must practice diligence, thrift, justice and be unprejudiced.”

He said, “They must set a shining example in all respects including solidarity, working and studying to the people. They must always be modest, honest and get along well with the people.”


Uncle Ho met journalist Charles Fourniau, permanent representative of the French Communist Party in Hanoi, for an interview.

He said, “At first, it is patriotism that makes me believe in Lenin’s doctrines. Later, I gradually came to the conclusion that only socialism and communism can help liberate the oppressed and the working class throughout the world.”

He added, “It is because we have made use of Lenin’s teachings in a creative way, suitable with the country’s real context, which helps us win a victory in fighting against colonialism and imperialism.”

By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers
*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly 

Translated by Phuong Lan

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