January 21

On the second anniversary of the death of Lenin, Nguyen Ai Quoc (an alias of Ho Chi Minh) wrote an article, ‘Lenin i Vostok’ (Lenin and the East), for a Russian newspaper while he was conducting Party business in China.

Uncle Ho (R) visits and wishes staff of Hoa Binh Automobile Factory a Happy New Year in Tet 1963

The article said Lenin was the first person who laid the foundation for a new age, it is revolutionary for colonial countries. For all oppressed nations, Lenin showed a turning-point in the history of their miserable lives and lack of rights, and was a symbol of a bright new future.
President Ho Chi Minh had an interview with foreign journalists and made a public declaration after his success at the general election.
He said, “I absolutely don’t desire fame and wealth at all. Now I hold the presidency because fellow-citizens trusted me, therefore, I have to try my best to perform my duty as a soldier obeys orders […]
“I only desire how to make our country completely independent, our people completely free, for all of our countrymen to have rice to eat and clothes to wear, and so all people can go to school.
“On my side, I will build a small house where I can fish, garden, and make friends with old woodsmen and child herdsmen, and wont be involved in glory and fortune.
“Now, I only have confidence in an independent nation. If a party is needed, it will be the Vietnam National Party. This party has a sole purpose of making our nation completely independent. Its members will be all of the Vietnamese people, except traitors and embezzlers.”
On the last day of the Lunar New Year, Uncle Ho presided over a government meeting to discuss production and evacuation.
After the meeting, he went on the Radio Voice of Vietnam to read a speech,
‘Appeal on Tet’ and gave a Tet wish poem.
On the first day of Tet, the nation received another Tet wish poem by Uncle Ho.
By Duong Trung Quoc* and co-writers 

*The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Anh

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