December 30


At the last session of the French Socialist Party’s 18th Congress, Nguyen Ai Quoc decided to make his political career by voting to approve the Third International and joining the establishment of the French section of the Communist International, which was a forerunner of the French Communist Party. 

Nguyen Ai Quoc thus became an international communist member and the first Vietnamese communist.  

President Ho Chi Minh (foreground) visits Thanh Hoa Province in 1961 (File photo)


On the way to China and Russia to court Chinese and Russian leaders’ support for Vietnamese people’s resistance war, he visited and wished a happy New Year to Guangxi Province authorities. 


In the article “Names of streets” published in Nhan Dan (People), he said streets named after foreigners who had opposed the nation’s independence needed to be replaced with names of renowned Vietnamese men.


Nhan Dan published his article “Tet of planting trees.”

In the article, he mentioned the slogan “Loving trees like loving [our] children,” and said the tree-planting occasion was like other tasks in that authorities at all levels in the party must exercise clear and firm leadership to make it successful.” 


At a Government Council meeting, he talked about agreement of generations, saying that, “We have engaged in revolutionary activities for a long time, defeated France, and thought that we have lots of experience, but now we have to learn from soldiers and the youth. Some comrades think that they have already devoted a lot so now they can be idle and don’t try to better themselves like young volunteers and soldiers. The youth are now utterly dedicated to their work regardless of time, day and night, and fearless of death. A person who is fearless of death and a nation that is fearless of sacrifice and hardship will certainly win.” 

He suggested that ministers should in general be active, watchful and mindful and should not sit at their desks like “defensive shamans.”

“We have to be exemplary in managing and protecting public assets, and fighting the enemy’s destruction, and embezzlement,” he added. 


At a meeting with Thanh Hoa Province’s Party Standing Committee, he said, “The committee and Thanh Hoa people fought well. The province shot down 297 US airplanes, and Ham Rong Ward alone shot down 99.”
“To develop strength, the most important thing is letting people raise their voices. They know many things which authorities don’t. Everything should be discussed with them; they will give good ideas.  

“Thanh Hoa is large in population, wide in land, and rich in natural resources, which has the potential to become a prosperous, beautiful and model province. To develop, authorities at all levels and the province have to implement democracy for the people. Party members have to be good examples to the people.” 

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Hy

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