December 27


French detectives reported that Nguyen Ai Quoc had traveled to many places and always managed to evade the detectives.

A file photo of President Ho Chi Minh at the Second Party Congress in 1951

December 1921 

During the French Communist Party’s first Congress in Marseilles, Nguyen Ai Quoc as a colonial delegate took part in drafting the “Resolution on communism and colonies.”
The resolution said “In any case, difficulties can’t justify the Party’s abandoning of colonial policies that are realistic and effective.” 

The resolution also referred to the launch of “an antagonistic movement against capitalism,” establishment of a special agent for researching and collecting documents, promoting dissemination actively, and setting aside a column specifically for colonial issues in the Party’s newspaper and its other publications.  

He also took part in writing an “Appeal” at the Congress, which said that, “If the proverb ‘Solidarity creates strength’ is not an empty statement; if compatriots want to help each other, and uphold your own interests as well as interests of compatriots in colonial countries, join the Colonial Nations’ Union. “ 


President Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter to thank some well-off people for taking the initiative in a movement to provide relief for starving compatriots. 

The letter said, “In sharing food to rescue people from starvation, those who have much will share much, those who have less will share less. Though someone has much and someone has less, all are willing to help starving compatriots. Besides showing humanity, your relief work is also significant as you are setting an example for other prosperous people, proving that progressive prosperous Vietnamese people have practiced the saying “saving a person is better than fighting 10 fires,” and that all classes nationwide are willing to assist the Government. The Government’s duty is helping people; you are helping people so it means that you are helping the Government. Therefore, on behalf of the Government and starving compatriots, I’d like to thank your hearts of gold.” 


In an article titled “Some opinions on committees for building the country and encouraging people to produce, and the Evacuation Committee,” he introduced the slogan “The front tries to fight/ The rear boosts production/ [If] the front and rear carry out a war of resistance/ The resistance will surely win.” 


Nhan Dan (People) published his article titled “A letter to all soldiers and officials on the anniversary of the Vietnam Liberation Army.” 

He said, “[You] need to bring into play the Liberation Army’s heroic spirit, be imbued with the thought that the resistance will certainly achieve victory but will be long and filled with hardship, heighten [your] sense of responsibility and keep in close touch with people to win, destroy the enemy and ensure the resistance wins fully.” 


He wrote to people and soldiers of the Military Region IV to complement them for being brave, fighting well, shooting down 1,000 aircrafts, two of which were B52s, and sinking many warships.  

By Duong Trung Quoc* and his assistants
The author is a historian and member of the National Assembly

Translated by Minh Loan

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