Vietnamese watchdog not give safe food certificate to contaminated food

Soon after receiving the information from Hong Kong authority about contaminated Taiwanese (Chinese) food, Vietnamese food watchdog carried out check and verified that it has not issued food safety license to the products.

Food Administration of Vietnam, under the Ministry of Health, yesterday said that Hong Kong (China) authority sent a document announcing to remove four kinds of Taiwanese ( Chinese) foods due to containing Dimethyl Yellow, a banned industrial dye.

In Taiwan's latest food scandal, almost 4 types of food of Mia Chung Company are suspected to have become contaminated with Dimethyl yellow, which is linked to cancer in animals. Contaminated foods include Mai Jien Bean Cake-- Black Pepper Flavobags; S.F Vegetarian Mushroom; Fried Minced Pork; S.F Vegetarian Mushroom with Dried Turnip; S.F Vegetarian Mushroom and Bamboo Shoot Paste.

The authority promised to update the information as well as issue warning to customers for not eating these products.

By Lam Tuong - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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