Vietnam announces nine fatal diseases to be isolated

According to the Ministry of Health’s dispatch 17/2019 on nine fatal diseases, medical facilities have to isolate diphtheria, whooping cough, measles, rubella, encephalitis, hand-foot-and mouth, chicken pox and mumps patients.
Patients under surveillance include infected people, carriers of infectious disease, and those who are suspected to contract the disease. Medical institutions must keep information including name, age, job, phone number, permanent residency address, job place and medical record of these above-mentioned people.
The dispatch also says surveillance is conducted nationwide especially in crowded public places like hospitals, isolation wards, places where disease outbreaks occurring, border crossings.
In related news, the health watchdog in the southern province of Binh Duong yesterday affirmed a dengue-related death in the province.
Since the beginning of the year the province has had nearly 4,000 dengue infection cases, up by 30 percent compared to the same period last year. Apart from that, in July only, there were more than 500 cases of dengue mostly in Ben Cat town with 100 cases.
Health experts discovered a virus mutation of virus Dengue 1 in 2018 and the new virus is causing dengue outbreaks due to lack of community immunity.

By staff writers - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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