Truckload of spices without clear origin caught in Hanoi

Anti-environment crime police in Hanoi caught a truck carrying spices without clear origin on November 27.

The Vietnam Food Administration under the Ministry of Health asked its sub-division, the Department of Food Safety in Hanoi, to deal with the truck loaded with mustard and spices for making instant noodles that failed to meet local quality standards.

The administration ordered a test to find out whether these spices contained any banned preservatives or heavy metals.

Earlier, due to doubts of the product ‘Pungent side of beef’ the Department of Food Safety in Hanoi had conducted a check on the Sa Sa Company in An Ha village in Hoai Duc District in Hanoi.

The firm did not produce certificates of food safety and documents to prove the origin of the materials used for production. Moreover, the company had printed incorrect date of production and company address.

Because of these violations, the firm was compelled to stop production and asked to acquire certificate of food safety and hygiene.

By Minh Khang - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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