Stiff penalties for use of harmful food additives

Use of harmful food additives in food processing will from now on face very harsh penalties as per a new decree passed by the government effective from December 31, 2013.

As per the new decree, maximum penalty for administrative violation against food safety and hygiene will be VND100 million (US$4,800) for individuals and VND200 million ($9,600) for organizations.

Anyone who adds dangerous additives to food items will be fined VND70-100 million ($3,315-4,800).

If a person uses food additives of unclear origin, they will be penalized VND40-50 million ($1,896-2,368).

The new decree also states clearly that people using expired food additives in cooking food will be fined VND10-20 million.

In addition, if owners of eateries overuse additives, they will be fined VND3-5 million. Besides fines, violators will face withdrawal of food safety certificates or be forced to shut down operations.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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