Robotic-assisted surgery used to remove biliary duct cyst

Binh Dan Hospital surgeons yesterday used robotic-assisted surgery to remove cyst in biliary duct.

The surgery was performed on 24 year old woman in district 7 who had hospitalized many times because she suffered right upper quadrant pain; indigestion and fever sometimes. Scan results showed that she had cyst in biliary duct with the size of 4cmx6cm.

In December, 2016 the patient was recommended to undergo a surgery yet she had just given birth; therefore, doctors kept observing on the case. After she decided to undergo robotic-assisted surgery to remove cyst in biliary duct to avoid infection and cancer possibly.

The three-hour operation has removed infected part without damaging other organs, less bleeding.
Deputy Head of Liver-Gall Ward Dr. Vo Van Hung warned people with cyst in biliary duct will suffer right upper quadrant pain similar to those who have stone in gall and right upper quadrant pain; jaundice or cholangitis, should go to big infirmary for professional diagnosis.

By Thanh Son – translated by Uyen Phuong

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