Religious organizations asked to strictly obey Covid-19 prevention rules


Right after the first cases of the fourth Covid-19 outbreak were detected in Vietnam, the Ministry of Home Affairs released document No. 1988/BNV-TGCP for the leaders of 43 religious organizations nationwide to scrupulously observe all Covid-19 prevention and control regulations in their religious activities. Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Vu Chien Thang has recently discussed the matter in details with the press.

Religious organizations asked to strictly obey Covid-19 prevention rules ảnh 1 The medical staff are taking samples of people in the neighborhood of the place where the newest Covid-19 cases practiced their belief. (Photo: SGGP)

Commenting on the current status of Covid-19 prevention in religious places, Deputy Minister Vu Chien Thang first highly appreciated the active cooperation of religious organizations all over the country in the national fight against Covid-19. Leaders of all 43 organizations have given their firm commitment to obey all Covid-19 prevention rules set forth by the Prime Minister.

They have, therefore, each instructed their subordinates and related sub-organizations to operate in accordance with this newest document, including postponing any events with a large crowd of believers, any regular meetings and changing to the online mode. The reception of foreign priests and monks is halted.

All religion practitioners are reminded to follow Covid-19 prevention methods by the Government and the Health Ministry strictly.

Discussing the latest discoveries of Covid-19 cases in Ho Chi Minh City, most of whom are members of a religious mission, Deputy Minister Thang reported that this is a group of the Protestant Church and operates independently at a place in Go Vap District, with 29 regular members.

Receiving news that a Covid-19 case who is a member of this group was discovered, the Government Committee for Religious Affairs immediately contact its department in HCMC and the leader of the Protestant Church in the city to get the overall picture and ask them to help medial officials trace suspected cases.

Obviously, this religious group has not obeyed the content of Document No.1988/BNV-TGCP, neither has it followed the Covid-19 prevention rules imposed by the localities.

The Deputy Minister further commented that state units mainly deliver instructional documents to formal major religious organizations but seem to neglect small informal registered religious groups which normally operate in a private house, leading to unpredictable trouble in monitoring tasks.

Hence, Deputy Minister Thang officially stated his warning that in the upcoming time, when various religious events (Vassa and Yulan Festival of the Buddhist, La Vang Festival of the Catholic, Holy Banquet for Great Mother and the Nine Goddesses of the Caodaism, Ramadan month of the Muslim) are to happen, all believers of those religions have to correctly observe all Covid-19 prevention regulations, especially social distance maintenance. This will ensure medical safety for they themselves when practicing their belief and the community as well.

By Do Trung – Translated by Huong Vuong

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