Pregnant woman gives birth in boat

A young pregnant woman has given a birth to a baby girl weighing 2.2 kilogram in Superdong X boat which travel from Phu Quoc District to Rach Gia Town in the Mekong delta province of Kien Giang.

Nurse in ( black shirt) and young father Le MInh Nhut (Photo: SGGP)

Nurse in ( black shirt) and young father Le MInh Nhut (Photo: SGGP)

When the boat departed at 2PM yesterday, the captain informed to seek a medical worker to help a pregnant woman who was going to deliver. Fortunately, nurse Nguyen Thanh Hien was on the boat who provided examination.
30 minutes later, 23 year old Nguyen Hoang Thanh Thao delivered her first child with the help of nurse Hien and two others.
One hour later, the woman and the baby were rushed to the General Hospital of Kien Giang province for further treatment.
Her husband Le Minh Nhut said that before, his wife received examination in the hospital in Phu Quoc District where doctors advised the couple to give birth in the province’s general hospital because the wife might face difficulty in laboring. Yet the wife gave birth after 30 minutes on board.
Many passengers congratulated the mother and the baby as well as complimented the nurse. Nurse Hien said that though he is not a maternity doctor, he became a doctor unwillingly. Nevertheless, he said he tried his best as he has little knowledge of medicine.”
22 year old Nguyen Thanh Hien used to learn general nurse in Ho Chi Minh City after graduating senior high school. In 2016, it was hard to apply for medical job therefore, he worked in a tourism company in the Mekong delta province's Can Tho City. 
At present, he gets unemployed and applies for International General Hospital Vinmec in Phu Quoc District.


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