Pregnant woman faces life threat after wrong blood transfusion

The Ministry of Health on November 1 asked the Department of Health in Hanoi to verify the case of a pregnant woman who was given a wrong blood transfusion, resulting in risk to her life, and report back before November 5.

The case concerned a 22-year-old woman named Nguyen Thi Loan from Son Tay Town who was hospitalized in Son Tay General Hospital in Hanoi. The pregnant woman was hospitalized on October 11 for cesarean delivery as she suffered from placenta previa, and underwent the operation on October 21.

However, the next day, a part of her womb was cut due to placenta previa.
During the operation, Loan suffered serious loss of blood and was given transfusion. Doctors gave her 4,250 ml of blood through transfusion, but her condition turned serious due to blood clotting during transfusion.

The woman was then transferred to the Central Obstetrics Hospital for emergency treatment. There, medical workers diagnosed her with Haemophilia due to wrong blood transfusion and moved her to the Intensive Care Unit.

Loan’s relatives were very angry and surrounded the Son Tay General Hospital asking for an explanation to the bungling of wrong blood transfusion and subsequent risk to her life.

By Nguyen Quoc – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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