PM orders to enhance dengue prevention

In his urgent dispatch on July 27, Vietnamese Prime Minister ordered the Ministry of Health to supervise and adopt measures against outbreaks of dengue and prepare full equipment, medication for treatment to minimize mortality rate.

PM orders to enhance dengue prevention

As dengue spreads its tentacles in many nations, the Southeast Asian country worst hit of the disease; accordingly, the PM sent his dispatch to request strengthen dengue prevention task.
Vietnam is in the grip of dengue, the mosquito-borne viral fever that causes high fever, muscle and joint pain, and death from shock. Municipal and provincial people’s committees must encourage residents to drastically implement mosquito-killing campaigns especially in construction sites and renting houses.
Health sector must supervise closely the disease development and early detect outbreaks of dengue to handle and provide timely treatment.
Related agencies and local administrations must increase supervision in “hot spots” in the area as well as impose penalties on individuals and organizations which have not adopted disease preventative measures as per the regulations.
Chairpersons of people’ committee in cities and provinces will have to bear responsibility to the Prime Minister for dengue prevention task.
The PM also urged the Ministry of Health to prepare enough equipment and medicine to reduce mortality rate as well as increase information to local residents so that they take heed to the disease and go to infirmaries when experiencing illness.

The Ministry of Education and Training must encourage teachers and students to partake in mosquito-killing campaigns in the family and the community.

By PHAN THAO – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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