Over 300,000 Vietnamese people diagnosed with and die from cancer in 2020

Hanoi-based cancer hospital’s statistics have shown that over 300,000 Vietnamese people were diagnosed with and died from cancer in 2020, the hospital yesterday released its statistics.

The cancer hospital in Hanoi is always crowded with patients (Photo: SGGP)

The cancer hospital in Hanoi is always crowded with patients (Photo: SGGP)

People are estimated to have died from the various forms of cancer. Of 100,000 Vietnamese people, 159 are diagnosed with fresh cancer and 106 of them die from cancer. In 2020, Vietnam ranks 91/185 in the ratio of fresh cancer cases and 50/185 in the ratio of mortality in the globally.
According to GLOBOCAN’s estimates of incidence and mortality in Vietnam in 2020, the Southeast Asian country had 182,563 new cancer cases and 122,690 cancer-relating deaths. Presently, GLOBOCAN estimates of incidence and mortality worldwide for 36 cancers in 185 countries.
The cancer hospital in Hanoi said that there has been an increase in new cancer cases and cancer-relating deaths in Vietnam; the situation is similar to other countries in the world including Britain, France, Italia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and the US; however, the cancer mortality rate in these developed countries have fallen.
Studies have shown most common cancers in Vietnamese male patients including lung, liver, stomach, colorectal cancer, and prostate gland; all these cancers account for 65.8 percent of all cancers. The four most common cancers that affect women including breast, lung, colorectal cancer, stomach, and livers; the five most common cancers contribute 59.4 percent of total number of cancer cases.
Health workers explained increase in cancers for bad life style, polluted environment and some types of genes linked to cancer. Worse, Vietnam is suffering ageing population with average life span extension to 73.6. simultaneously, Vietnam’s population is nearly 97.8 million ranking 15 in the world.
Additionally, drinking alcohol , smoking, unhealthy diets, lack of physical exercise, and air pollution have raised the risk of some cancers.
Health workers advised people to have early screening to detect cancer because early diagnosis of cancer focuses on detecting symptomatic patients as early as possible so they have the best chance for successful treatment. When cancer care is delayed or inaccessible there is a lower chance of survival, greater problems associated with treatment and higher costs of care.
People should have periodical medical checkup to discover the disease soon. Medical workers encourage men who are interested in early detection to receive a baseline-screening exam at age 45 for comparison with future tests.

By Khanh Nguyen - Translated by Anh Quan

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