Outbreaks of dengue infect over 70,800 people

The Ministry of Health said there were at least 70,800 dengue cases in the country by June.
Most cases live in the South Vietnam yet more Hanoians have contracted the disease also.
So far, 820 cases of dengue have recorded in districts Ha Dong, Bac Tu Liem, Cau Giay, Dong Da and Nam Tu Liem of Hanoi.
Additionally, infected people of other diseases are also upward trend with 4,700 cases of measles, 18,900 cases of hand-foot-and mouth and 255 cases of encephalitis.
To tackle fatal diseases, the Ministry warned people to practice hygienic lifestyles and personal hygiene to raise their resistance and go to medical clinics for vaccination.
The Ho Chi Minh City Medical Preventive Department said the city recorded 24,768 cases of dengue within first six months, up 176 percent compared to same period last year and five including three adults and two teens succumbed to the disease.
Head of the Infectious Department Dr. Le Hong Nga said similar to last year, from early June when rainy season starts, dengue in-patients and outpatients have escalated, month-by-month rise of 40 percent.
Worst, the southern province of Dong Nai health authority said over 5,000 people had been hospitalized because of dengue. Noticeably, more adults have taken to medical institutions for emergency treatment because they self-medicated until their disease became worse.

BY staff writers - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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