Outbreaks of A/H5N1 on poultry in provinces

An outbreak of bird-flu viruses occurred in various provinces of Quang Ngai, Quang Nam, and Kon Tum from February 9-11.

A spread occurred in a poultry farm in An Thuong Village owned by Le Van Hue. 

Since February 9, the farm containing 900 chickens some had died in mass, said Hue. Local authorities disposed of 400 infected chickens after the birds tested positive for H5N1 virus on February 11.

A poultry farm in Nga Man Village owned by Tran Ngoc Lien found over 5,000-infected waterfowl testing positive for A/H5N1

Mass outbreak of various bird flu occurred in Quang Nam Province since the beginning of the year.  These farms suffering from the outbreaks include Duy Trinh and Duy Chau Communes of Duy Xuyen District and three other farms in Binh Chanh and Binh Nguyen Communes in Thang Binh District. 

All poultry found infected are promptly disposed of.

Veterinarians of Kon Tum Town in Kon Tum Province disposed Phan Thanh Long’s entire poultry farm after finding a mass infection of A/H5N1.  The farm had 600 animals.

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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