Outbreak of flu H1N1 reported in Lam Dong Province

The Department of Preventive Medicine, a part of the Ministry of Health, yesterday said that an outbreak of flu A/H1N1 had been reported at a primary school in Da Teh District of Lam Dong and infected people would be soon quarantined  and provided treatment.

chairman  of the Da Teh District People’s Committee Bui Van Hung yesterday said that 16 fourth graders at Xuan Thanh Elementary-Middle School had been confirmed to have influenza A H1N1 according to tests conducted by Ho Chi Minh City Pasteur Institute.

All infected students are allowed to stay at home to curb transmission.

A team has been deployed to sterilize the school and the 16 students’ homes as well as all sites throughout the district to stall the spread of the flu. Currently, their health condition is stable and some of them were discharged.

The Department also warned that seasonal flu was an acute disease which easily transmits from person to person as influenza A /H1N1 viruses are transmitted via respiration and throat fluids. The disease is recorded all year round, especially in spring-winter season.

To effectively prevent the seasonal flu, the Ministry said that residents should carry out good personal hygiene, cover mouth while getting cough and sneeze; regularly wash hands with soaps and clean nose and throat with salty water.

Moreover, people should pay attention to diet to improve  health condition and go to medical clinics for inoculation. When experiencing symptoms such as cough, fever, sneezing nose, headache, and fatigue, people should go to nearby clinics for medical check-up.

By staff writers - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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