Only authorized personnel allowed in quarantine areas: Ministry

The Ministry of Health in Vietnam yesterday ordered that only authorized persons are allowed to enter quarantined facilities where people with coronavirus are being isolated.

Only authorized personnel allowed in quarantine areas (Photo: SGGP)

Only authorized personnel allowed in quarantine areas (Photo: SGGP)

In its yesterday urgent dispatch to ministries of Defense, Public Security, Transport and people’s committees in cities and provinces, The Ministry of Health asked to increase supervision on imported cases.
The Ministry requested to monitor the quarantine areas, home quarantine and other places as well as people in isolation wards to abide by the present regulations of Covid-19 prevention including washing hand and wearing facemasks.
After three months without a new coronavirus infection in Vietnam, the Southeast Asian country has recorded a community infection in Ho Chi Minh City who is a friend of a flight attendant from Vietnam Airlines who tested positive on November 29. They came into contact when the latter was under quarantine at his rented house.
After the flight attendant was positive for the coronavirus, health authorities soon tested those who had close contact with him and the male friend’s test result came out positive, too.
The new patient, the 1347th, is a 32-year-old man from Ward 3, District 6 who is a teacher at an English language center. He is currently in quarantine.
Authorities in Ho Chi Minh City have conducted Covid-19 tests on 154 people and quarantined 38 others who had contact with the English teacher as well as sealing off the locations where the patient had recently been to including schools, coffee shop and karaoke bar.
In its dispatch, the Ministry clearly pointed out the Southeast Asian country is was now at risk of infection as the ongoing worldwide pandemic of coronavirus is complicated; therefore, the Ministry proposed ministries not to neglect their prevention mission. Leaders of agencies and ministries will be held accountable if there is an infection case.
Additionally, close monitor in border lines and imported cases in airports is needed. Illegal arrivals should receive harsh penalties as per the present regulations and they must be kept under quarantine.
Regular check of quarantine areas is necessary.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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