Nine people in Dong Nai Province hospitalized due to bee stings

Nine passersby have reportedly been attacked by wasp on a local route in Dinh Quan District of the southern province of Dong Nai.

One of victims in the hospital (Photo: SGGP)

One of victims in the hospital (Photo: SGGP)

Inpatients have been treated in the Dinh Quan General Hospital because they were experiencing sharp pain, swelling, extreme redness and dizziness.
After being treated, all the patients’ condition is now stable.
A woman patient said that she was attacked on her way back home after crossing a beehive. She then fell unconscious and she was rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.
Doctors warn that patients due to wasp sting should be taken to the nearest medical center for timely first aid, as they are likely to suffer kidney, respiratory or even multiple organ failure.
Worse, some may die after being stung by wasp due to anaphylactic shock.

By TIEN MINH - Translated by ANH QUAN

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