Ministry directs not to offer Covid-19 vaccines to people under 18 years old

The Ministry of Health issued a direction on vaccination to departments of health across the country asking not to give Covid-19 vaccine shots to people under 18 years old.
Ministry directs not to offer Covid-19 vaccines to under 18-years-old ảnh 1 Ministry directs not to offer Covid-19 vaccines to people under 18-years-old
Because several medical facilities have administered the Covid-19 vaccines to teens under 18 years old, children and wrongly mixed the first and the second vaccine dose which is contrary to the Ministry’s instruction, the Ministry yesterday sent its urgent dispatch on implementation of vaccination.
In its dispatch, the Ministry has said that some infirmaries have lately given Covid-19 vaccine jabs to teens and children and they have not followed the Ministry’s guidance of mixing the first and the second doses of vaccine which will affect the country’s vaccination strategy.
Therefore, the Ministry of Health proposed provincial and municipal health departments continue directing vaccination establishments to give vaccine jabs to those above 18 years old as per the Resolution No. 21 of the Government on the purchase and use of vaccines against Covid-19.
Medical facilities are not allowed to administer vaccine shots to those aged younger than 18 years old but they must adhere to the Ministry of Health’s guidance. If the Ministry adjusts the age of vaccination subject, it will have instructions later. Any medical establishment violating the Ministry’s instruction will be suspended from its operation.
Additionally, the Ministry requested health departments in provinces and cities to direct vaccination establishments in their localities to mix the two doses of the Covid-19 vaccines in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, localities also need to speed up the vaccination; plus, health authorities ought to pay visits to vaccination facilities and vaccination points in their localities to inspect.

By Minh Khang - Translated by Anh Quan

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