Medical experts warn about more young dialysis patients

Hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City warned an increase in young adult dialysis patients.
For instance, People’s Hospital 115 informed that out of 700 people on dialysis in the infirmary, over 30 percent of them are adults aged 18-30 years. Meantime, Medical University Hospital announced that of 300 patients it has admitted from May, 2019, 40 percent are people under 30 years old.
Head of the Medical University Hospital’s Dialysis Department Dr. Huynh Ngoc Phuong Thao said that causes of kidney disease in young people include genetic disorder, poison contact, taking medicine without clear origin, or autoimmune diseases.
Additionally, unhealthy lifestyle risk factors such as smoking, heavy alcohol intake, obesity, lack of exercise habit associates with chronic kidney disease. Accordingly, people should have healthy lifestyle behaviors and try not to have diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, not abuse pain-killer drugs and take enough water.


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