Kids hospitalized in critical condition after dog bites

In a short time, the Children Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City received two kids who had been bitten by family dogs

The first case is one year old toddler in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak. The relatives said that in the noon, while people were busy with work, the toddler was left to play with the dog.
While playing, the child took a stick to beat the dog weighing 19 kilogram, he was attacked against by the big dog.
As the kid cried loudly, parents found out the animal bit the kid in the face. The child was rushed to local hospital where provided first aid and then transferred him to the Children Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City for emergency treatment.
Deputy head of the hospital Ear-Nose-Throat Department Nguyen The Huy said the boy was in critical condition when he was hospitalized as he lost part of nose including soft-tissue. He was injected with strong antibiotic to prevent infection yet it is difficult to say more about his condition.
The second case is a five-year-old bout in the southern province of Dong Nai who was taken the infirmary on January 7 because he was attacked by two big dogs.
As a result, there was a hole in the boy’s windpipe; air got trapped in his abdomen; the boy was in critical condition.
The boy was rushed immediately in surgery room for stitching up tracheal perforation. At present, the boy is in stable condition. He will be discharged in two days later.
Dr. Huy warned parents not to let their kids play with dogs alone.

By THANH AN – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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