Infirmaries in HCMC alert to dengue shock

Three people died of dengue in infirmaries in Ho Chi Minh City since the beginning of the year. Moreover, many inpatients suffered dengue shocks which threaten their lives.

Poster calls for killing mosquito and its larva (Photo: SGGP)

Poster calls for killing mosquito and its larva (Photo: SGGP)

The city's Department of Preventive Medicine said that last week, the city reported 339 dengue cases, up by 40 percent compared to the average number in four weeks of 246 ca.
Last week one death was reported in Binh Tan District bringing total figure of dengue deaths to three.
In Children Hospital No.1, over 70 children are hospitalized due to dengue every week. Head of the hospital’s Planning Ward Dr. Ngo Ngoc Quang Minh said that of 116 children are being treated in the hospital, ten of them suffered serious shock.
Several kids are on a ventilator and two died of shock. They were transferred from other provinces when they are in critical condition.
Meantime, the Children Hospital No.2 admits 45-50 kids averagely per week. Head of the Infection ward Dr. Do Chau Viet said that currently, five serious dengue cases are being treated in the infirmary. Four of them have been extremely sick, but thankfully they are off the danger list now while one is treated in intensive care unit.
Generally, the rate of severe cases ranges from 10 – 15 percent.
The Tropical Disease Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City where adults with dengue are being treated also has seen an increase in hospitalization of inpatients.
Head of Infection D Dr. Nguyen Thanh Phong said the admission of dengue patients in June hike by 30 – 40 percent compared to May.
The figure doubles the same period last year.
Dengue fever is an infection with flu-like symptoms transmitted by mosquitoes. Accordingly, adults are neglectful and buy drug by themselves without doctors’ prescription.
Worse, they are taken to hospital when in critical condition; accordingly, they usually suffered shock even death.
Because surge in dengue kids with shock transferred from other provinces, the Children Hospital No.1 set up five mobile teams to treat these cases and provide assistance to medical clinics in districts.
At present, the hospital prepares enough medication, fluid for infusion, ventilators, blood for the outbreaks of the disease. Additionally, training is provided to medical workers to take care of serious cases.
Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine Dr. Nguyen Tri Dung said that next time, the preventive health sector will establish teams to detect vulnerable places for the disease to handle and petition local administrations to issue harsh penalties to residents who intentionally disobey guidance in dengue prevention.
In related news, the Department of Health in the Mekong delta province of Ca Mau July 1 announced 997 dengue cases, a year-on-year increase of 40 percent. Amongst districts with high cases are Tran Van Thoi District with 358 cases, Cai Nuoc District with 116 cases, Dam Doi District with 113 cases, and Ca Mau Town with 113 cases. Moreover, the province reported seven cases of malaria.
Kien Giang province has so far had 400 dengue cases and ten percent of them are adults without death.

By staff writers – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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