Hospitals to set up hotline to receive patients’ feedback

The Ministry of Health on November 23 ordered hospitals across the country to set up a hotline to receive feedback from patients’ on quality of treatment and other related services.

Hospitals have been asked to set up the hotline in their premises at accessible locations and for hospital leaders to check the hotline regularly.

Medical workers who are on duty on the hot line round-the-clock must resolve complaints or transfer to related divisions.

In addition to the hotline, telephone numbers of hospital leaders and the Department of Health should be placed at visible locations in hospitals.

The Ministry has asked hospital leaders to throw a book at negligent hotline receivers in dealing with complaints. Negligent staff will receive punishment for criticizing hospital staff in public, or matters related to salary or work position.

Complaints to be dealt with will include a medical worker’s behavior in treatment procedure, clamor for money or presents in an emergency case or even praise for a good deed.

The Ministry set up its own hotline this month to listen to patients’ complaints. The hotline has so far received nearly 300 calls in 10 days only.

Up to 41 percent of callers complained about high hospital charges and 37 percent complained of medical workers’ callousness in dealing with patients.

By Nguyen Quoc - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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