Health watchdogs ask to prevent drug shortage during Tet holidays

Vietnamese drug watchdogs have just asked relevant agencies and establishments to stockpile enough medicine to prevent shortage during the Tet holidays ( the Lunar New Year).


Health watchdogs ask to prevent drug shortage during Tet holidays ảnh 1 Illustrative photo
The Drug Administration of Vietnam, the Ministry of Health, has just sent an official dispatch to the health departments of the provinces, cities, hospitals, drug manufacturers, the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Enterprise Association, and the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation about ensuring the supply of drugs to prevent diseases and the demand for drugs during the Lunar New Year of the Tiger in 2022.
Accordingly, the Drug Administration of Vietnam suggested that the health departments of the provinces and cities need to direct infirmaries and disease control centers to urgently develop plans for stockpiling drugs to ensure that they will have adequate medication for treatment.
Responsible agencies must be responsible for enough supply not letting shortage of drugs happen badly impacting on medical examination and treatment. Moreover, these bodies must ensure high-quality medicines at reasonable prices.
Especially, medical facilities must be prepared for the supply of sufficient drugs for emergency and prevention of Covid-19 epidemic and other illnesses such as dengue fever, influenza A, hand, foot, and mouth disease, measles, rubella, diarrhea caused by rotavirus, and other diseases.
Hospitals and drug businesses in the area were proposed to fully stock up on drugs and strengthen management to prevent medicine prices from increasing during long holidays and disease outbreaks.
Inspectors from the Department of Health and relevant units will pay visits to business establishments in the area for inspection of the implementation of professional regulations on pharmacy and regulations on production, trading, import, and export of drugs and cosmetics.
They will pay special attention to the detection of counterfeit drugs, poor quality drugs, goods speculation, increase prices and strictly handle violations. Enterprises and drugstores in localities must sell drugs around the clock but they are not allowed to speculate or increase drug prices.
For drug manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers, the Drug Administration of Vietnam required increasing supply, developing and implementing drug supply plans to serve the people's medical examination and treatment needs.
Nevertheless, they must urgently supply enough drugs when receiving orders from medical examination and treatment facilities.

By Nguyen Quoc – Translated by Anh Quan

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