Health Ministry names Covid-19 fight success as most outstanding event in 2020

Yesterday, the Ministry announced ten highlights of the health sector in 2020 and Vietnam’s success in fight against Covid-19 is the most noticeable event.

Vietnam’s success in fight against Covid-19 is the most noticeable event of the health sector in 2020 (Photo:SGGP)

Vietnam’s success in fight against Covid-19 is the most noticeable event of the health sector in 2020 (Photo:SGGP)

1. Vietnam’s success in fight against Covid-19
In the eye of international friends, Vietnam has drastically flattened the coronavirus curve at a relatively low cost through early actions, a targeted approach and strong political leadership. The Southeast Asian country has applied strategy "Preventing the spread, discovering, isolating, and treating” , placed over 730,000 people under quarantine as well as conducted 1.7 million tests . Furthermore, 1,608 stations to prevent illegal immigration have been set up in the borderlines across the country with nearly 10,000 soldiers.
For the very first time, nearly 300 nurses and doctors from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were dispatched to the Central City of Da Nang where an the second wave of Covid-19 began in late July to work in one month. Information of the coronavirus pandemic including the number of infected people and dead people has been publicized in media so that people all could understand the development of the disease to protect themselves.
The country is one of four first countries in the world to analyze the new strain of coronavirus; therefore, it has produced ventilators, testing kits and started to make vaccine against the fatal virus.
In addition to containment of Covid-19, Vietnam has controlled other diseases effectively.
2. Telehealth project connecting 1,000 hospitals in 45 days
As of the end of 2020, more than 1,500 grass-root health centers have been connected in the project which paved the way for new era of diagnosis and treatment. The project aims at providing assistance to all medical facilities in all corners in the country so that residents across the country will receive good treatment as well as get access to high quality medical services in the local infirmaries. Additionally, the project helps to improve examination quality in local hospitals shrinking the gap between big hospitals and small ones benefitting residents; hence more people will be saved.
3. HCMC health sector gains great achievement
The health sector in Ho Chi Minh City has gained great achievement with typical separation operation of the twin Truc Nhi and Dieu Nhi in the City Children Hospital; a small bowel (intestinal) transplant in the Military Hospital 103; or multi-organ transplant surgery jointly performed by surgeons in Cho Ray Hospital, Hue Central Hospital and Military Central Hospital 108.
Health Ministry names Covid-19 fight success as most outstanding event in 2020 ảnh 1 Pictures of medical workers are shared widely by social network users (Photo: SGGP)
4. The Ministry of Health takes a lead in digital transformation
The Ministry of Health is a shining example as it has taken the lead in digital transformation. The Ministry is one of two ministries offering all medical services in internet connecting with the national portal and using artificial intelligence utilizing lung scan in diagnosis of Covid-19. The health sector has also applied IT in the Covid-19 battle such as electronic health declaration, Bluezone - a mobile app designed to assist contact tracing, in order to better curb the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreaks, Covid-19 safety map and tele-diagnosis of Covid-19.
Moreover, the Ministry has launched the health portal containing data in the field of pharmaceuticals, equipment – materials, bidding results and prices of medical services. Around 10,600 medical centers in distant communes are connected to the sector portal and big facilities. Within five months, the Ministry and the Insurance Agency have jointly collected data of 98 million health records for preparation of paperless treatment. In 2020, the health sector has carried out work which will pave the way for a smart health sector later.
5. Amendment of the law against HIV/AIDS is approved
Most of National Assembly deputies have approved the amendment of the law against HIV/AIDS
6. Good deed amid Covid-19 outbreaks have been shared by social network users
The Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Information and Communications and telecommunications companies have sent 20 billion test messages about Covid-19 prevention amid Covid-19 outbreaks. As of August, 2020, more than VND2,200 billion have been contributed by residents and enterprises to help medical workers and soldiers who have been making efforts in treating and taking care of patients.
Good deed and acts such as rice ATM, facemask ATM were hailed by social network users and the pictures of these acts were widely shared.
Health Ministry names Covid-19 fight success as most outstanding event in 2020 ảnh 2 The Health  Ministry launches telehealth (Photo: SGGP0
7. International Day of Epidemic Preparedness proposed by Vietnam
The United Nations (UN) has declared December 27, 2020 as the “International Day of Epidemic Preparedness” which was proposed by Vietnam.
8. 90.8 percent of Vietnamese people buy health insurance, more beds provided for patients
Approximately 90.8 percent of Vietnamese people have bought health insurance and more beds have been offered to patients. The country has achieved the two criteria assigned by the National Assembly and the Government. The pilot of insurance payment for each patients is successful; therefore, it will be applied in 2021.
9. Vietnamese people’s physical fitness is improved
According to the national nutrition survey in 2020 carried out by the National Nutrition Institute and the General Statistics Office (GSO) of Vietnam, Vietnamese boys and girls have the height of 168.1 cm and 156.2 cm. Also the survey pointed out that the rate of undernourished children and stunt below five years old is 19.6 percent which is low as per the World Health Organization’s classification in 1997.
10. Vietnam maintains the replacement-level fertility ( of 2.1 children) for 14 years
Vietnam has maintained the replacement-level fertility for 14 years with woman in child- bearing age having 2.1 children.

By Khanh Nguyen - Translated by Anh Quan

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