Health Minister asks to cure girl with giant tumor

Vietnamese Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien sent an urgent dispatch to the National Children Hospital in Hanoi ordering to cure the girl with giant tumor on her body as per an announcement of the Ministry on April 13.

Girl La Thi Lua with giant tumor on the body (Photo: SGGP)

Through a VTC News’ newspaper article posted on April 8 telling story about mother and her daughter, 10, Ly Thi Lua from the northern province of Ha Giang’s Yen Minh District with her giant tumor on her body. Lua had the tumor since she was born.

After ten years, the malignant tumor grows bigger causing her legs shrivel; consequently she can not stand normally. Worse, her family is too poor to afford an operation. 

Through examining, it showed that the tumor is caused by marrow hernias ; accordingly she needs a surgery.

Health Minister asked the hospital to perform a surgery for her soon. Her medical bills will be covered by the hospital. The hospital should provide the best medical service for the girl. The minister called for the support of charity organizations to help the ethnic minority girl’s accommodation expense during her treatment in Hanoi.

By Nguyen Dinh , translated by Anh Quan

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