Health authority warns predators with heavy fines

Patients including children and adults with the pink eye disease waiting at the Eye Hospital in Ho CHi Minh City to see doctors

With the ‘pink-eye’ or conjunctivitis disease spreading rapidly in many localities in Vietnam in recent days, the Drug Administration of Vietnam has announced that any company or pharmacy taking advantage of the outbreak to increase fees will be severely penalized.

The Drug Administration has asked Departments of Health in cities and provinces, as well as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to prepare enough medication for ‘pink eye’ prevention.

Local health departments have been urged to stand ready to provide immediate medicines, facilities and timely assistance to localities and units in dealing with outbreaks of ‘pink eye’.

As the pharmaceutical sector has prepared as many as 200 medications, medical clinics should contact drug producers to stock enough medication for prevention.


By Tuong Lam - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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