Hanoi sets tight control to prevent A/H7N9 outbreaks

Authorities of Hanoi are proactively controlling trade, transportation and slaughter of poultry in the city as the risk of H7N9 avian influenza outbreaks in animals and humans is high.

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The municipal Department of Industry and Trade ordered local market watchdog teams to keep a close watch on the trade, transportation and slaughter of live birds, conduct inspections at areas where poultry is slaughtered and traded, especially wet markets.

The teams have also set up quarantine checkpoints along main roads with staff working around the clock.

The city’s Department of Health has been providing frequent updates on the developments of the disease that allow authorities to design more effective preventive measures.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has imposed stricter fines on violations of disease prevention and quarantine and provided guides on properly cleaning the environment.


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