Hanoi provides gratis medical checkup to locals nearby Rang Dong Company

The Department of Health in Hanoi yesterday provided gratis medical check up to residents residing nearby the Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask JSC, whose factory was engulfed in an inferno at the end of August.

People wait for their turn for free examination (Photo: SGGP)

People wait for their turn for free examination (Photo: SGGP)

All workers and residents living within a radius of 500 meters from the company’s fence are eligible for the free medical checkup lasting to September 12.
For the free health checkup, physicians of big infirmaries such as Thanh Nhan, Saint Paul, Duc Giang and Ha Dong were mobilized to work relentlessly to examine all residents.
Deputy Head of the Department of Health Tran Thi Nhi Ha said that around 500 residents arrived at the medical centers for examination by September 6; many of them were sent to big hospitals for urine and blood tests.
However, many of residents expressed their disappointment because they were examined and consulted some normal ailment and given eye drops and nasal drops. According to health authority, people will have free urine and blood tests.
Regarding the remedies for the fire consequence, Hanoi People’s Committee has sent its document to the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology suggesting to invite international and local experts to help determine pollution level after the terrible blaze.
In its document, Hanoi authority asked the Academy to invite experts in the field to help assess surface water, groundwater, soil and air pollution level as well environment impacts because burning of heavy metal and chemical in the blaze is likely to cause harm to residents’ health and environment around the company.
The Department of Natural Resources and Environment was asked to analyze air, soil and water within the radius of 500 meters from the facility and publicize the analysis result.
Additionally, the Department, the Company must liaise with the Ministry of Defense and the High Command of Chemistry to carry out detoxification in  the company's premises and the land within the 500 meter radius from the facility.

By QUOC LAP – Translated by ANH QUAN

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