Fluenzalida Rabies Vaccine Banned in Viet Nam

The Ministry of Health has banned the use of Fluenzalida rabies vaccine in Viet Nam.

Verorab, the new vaccine from France

Deputy Health Minister Cao Minh Quang wrote to the nation’s hospitals and medical clinics on Tuesday, telling them to stop using the vaccine that caused so many problems three months ago.

The ministry suggested using other vaccines like Rabipur from India, Verorab from France and a new one from Vaccine and Biomedical Product Company No. 1 instead.

These three vaccines are superior to Fluenzalida, according to Mr. Quang.

Some 21, 000 doses of the Verorab vaccine are available nationwide, enough for the rest of the year at least, he said.

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By Q.Kh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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