Five poisoned after eating puffer fish

Three men fell in coma in critical condition on March 8 after eating puffer fish.

One of men in critical condition after eating puffer fish (Photo: SGGP)

One of men in critical condition after eating puffer fish (Photo: SGGP)

Before, on March 7, the Central General Hospital in the Mekong delta city of Can Tho admitted five people suffering poisoning after eating the fish. The five men were transferred from the Mekong delta province of Hau Giang; three of them were in critical condition and putting on ventilator.
On the day, Tran Van Ai caught two kilogram of the fish then cooked it and invited his younger brother, some neighbors to have a party. Though a local woman warned them of the danger of eating the fish, they still ate.
Two hours later, five men experienced tongue numbness, limb and vomiting; accordingly, they were rushed to local infirmary for emergency treatment. However, their condition was so critical, they were transferred to the city hospital.
Dr. Huynh Trong Nghia of Can Tho hospital said that there is no medication for treating poisoning due to eating puffer fish; normally, people will suffer acute diarrhea.
Despite received intensive care, three of men were still in coma and putting on ventilators while their peers were recovering.
Medical workers said that information of poisoning after eating puffer fish has been spreading in media but many people still cook the fish.
At present, three is no specific drug for poisoning, it is highly likely that people will die without timely treatment.

By CAO PHONG – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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