Five enterprises fined for falling foul of food safety regulations

The Vietnam Food Administration (VFA) has imposed a fine on five enterprises for violating food safety regulations and misleading advertisement of nutritional supplements.

Specifically, Phuong Dong Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Company and Dutuno & Hava Joint stock Company in Hanoi were fined VND50 million (US$2,155) each for its advertising which caused misunderstandings that Gutmetaherb and Bona nutritional supplements could treat disease as a medicine.
According to the law, dietary supplements may not make any claims regarding the treatment of disease.
Hanoi-based Hung Viet Trading And Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in and Ho Chi Minh City –based Nubest Company received a fine of VND25 million ($1,077) for advertising two functional food named Nacubest and Nubest tall on its website for falling foul of the regulation.
The Center for the research and application of functional food production Medical Medical Academy was fined $1,292 for producing and selling three batches of products including Ami Progast, Slimutea and Tam that xa den tea that fail to meet the food safety standards.
The VFA also ordered all firms to recall and destroy unsafe products as well as remove false advertisement and correctify the advertisement as per the present regulations.

By HAN PHONG - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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